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Atlantis Overseas is thankful to all its workers for working hard and diligently to make the company rise and reach the heights every day. The company provides much feasibility to its workers like Cold - Hot Water Facilities depending upon the season, Tea Breaks including Tea and Snacks twice a day from the management.

Water Spots: 3 Water Spots for the for the workers within our Fabrics Division, 2 Water Spots within our Metal Division.

Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom available for the labour within our Fabrics Unit, 1 Bedroom available for the labour within the Metal Unit.

Bathrooms: 2 Bathrooms available in Fabrics Unit, 2 Bathrooms in Metal Unit.

Toilets: 3 Toilets in our Fabrics Unit, 3 Toilets available in the Metal Unit.

Eatery: Neat and Clean space for dining is available in both the factories.

Fridge: Fridges are available in both the factories to provide cold water to everyone.


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