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Atlantis Overseas is an Export Production Unit and considers that saving our Planet and environment is the duty of all.

Safety of the workers is one of the most important priorities of Atlantis Overseas. The company has taken various necessary steps for the safety of its employees to protect them against various uncertain situations which could arise in daily work routine.

Fire Equipment

Fire Detection: Fire alarms available.

Evacuation Instructions: Evacuation instructions are given to all the employees and are also available in the factory premises for the visitors.

Evacuation Exits: All the exits within the factory are marked with Emergency Fire Exit Sign.

Evacuation Plan: Floor plan in case of any emergency evacuation is also available for the convinience of the labour, staff & visitors.

Fire Hose: Fire Hose is available to meet any kind of uncertainty within the factory.

Fire Extinguishers: Fire Extinguishers are available.

Workers training / Fire Drill: All the employees are trained to use the Fire Extinguishers in case of any emergency.


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ATLANTIS OVERSEAS is an export only company.