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The company regards the general Health and Safety Laws and provides all the necessary safety equipments to its workers in all the departments of its Fabric Division and Metal Division. Only well-trained and experienced labour is allowed to operate the technical machineries.

Security Instructions: All the machines in both of our factories have safety instructions written on them. Only designated people are allowed to operate their machines.

No. of Operators per Machine: Each and every machine in both of our factories has a designated operator controlling it.

Operators Training: All the operators are trained to operate machines before they get full contol of the machine.

Operators Safety - Fabrics Division:

Sewing: Mask and Gloves.

Interlock: Mask and Gloves.

Flat Machine: Mask and Gloves.

Steam Press Machine: Mask, Gloves and Clear Eye Glasses.

Cloth Drier: Mask and Gloves.

Operators Safety - Metal Division:

Polishing: Mask and Gloves.

Grinding: Mask and Gloves.

Drilling: Mask and Gloves.

Plating: Mask, Gloves and Clear Eye Glasses.

Oven (Drying): Mask and Gloves.

Welding: Mask, Gloves and Dark Glasses.

Other Machines: Heavy Power Generators - Operated by designated person. Noiseless Generator; Always in lock


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