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Welcome to Atlantis Overseas

Atlantis Overseas is one of the leading export companies from the Indian Subcontinent which specializes in the market of Lifestyle Products, Design Led Accessories, Gifts, Home Furnishing, Home Decoration, and Handicraft Supplies.

The company shares the history of producing wide range of exclusive & innovative products. Our products are manufactured at our factories in New Delhi and Moradabad and are distributed through various venerated designers, importers, wholesalers, specialty boutiques, retailers and departmental stores across the globe.

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have helped us to evolve as one of the finest companies who also develop and produce customized designs as per the client’s requirements with spot on quality.

The organization has a strong presence in more than 15 countries and aims to deliver a mix of contemporary, semi – contemporary and stylish products being complimented for the most competitive prices along with content delivery timings.

The company has exclusive showrooms to display its products at the factory premises in New Delhi as well as in Moradabad Factory and also have a permanent showroom at India Expo-Mart, Greater Noida, which displays the products during the trade fairs round the year.

Exporting Since 1990.

Over 20 years of experience in International Market .

Production Factories in New Delhi and Moradabad (U.P.).

Upto 2000 new and innovative products each session.

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ATLANTIS OVERSEAS is an export only company.